Staycee Pearl


Staycee Pearl


Staycee Pearl is the co-artistic director of PearlArts
Studios and STAYCEE PEARL dance project, where she creates artful experiences through dance-centered multimedia works in collaboration with her husband and artistic collaborator, Herman Pearl. Staycee received her initial dance training at the Alvin Ailey
American Dance Center. In 2010, STAYCEE PEARL
dance project (SPdp) debuted at the Kelly-Strayhorn
Theater, and served as resident dance company for
the theater for three years. Staycee and husband/
creative partner Herman Pearl proudly opened their
dance/art/sound space, PearlArts Studios, in April
of 2012. Since then the duo has produced several works including ..on being..., OCTAVIA, and FLOW-
. Staycee is passionate about sharing resources and creating opportunities for the arts community by initiating project-generating programs including the
Charrette Series, the In The Studio Series, and the PearlDiving Movement Residency



Choreography Samples

FLOWERZ is a dance and sound performance venturing back to when both Staycee and Herman Pearl spent years involved in the New York house music scene. Herman worked on the production side while Staycee spent much of her free time from the dance studio in the clubs and loft parties of that era. Through exploration and celebration, STAYCEE PEARL dance project (SPdp) takes audiences through an evening-in-the-life of party goers experiencing an evening in music and movement.

Premiere: November 2016, Ace Hotel, Pittsburgh

ABBEY: In the Red is a Jazz and dance filled performance inspired by the life and music of Jazz vocalist, composer, and civil rights activist Abbey Lincoln. Sound designer/producer Soy Sos brings together a live ensemble of woodwinds, strings and electronics featuring several esteemed musicians. Integrated into this immersive musical experience is a moving, contemporary dance performance by STAYCEE PEARL dance project created to actively express the evolution of culture through the performing arts. Also featuring The Legacy Arts Project dancers.

Premiere: May 2017, August Wilson Center, Pittsburgh


Ongoing Projects

sym. is a deeply atmospheric multimedia dance performance inspired by Octavia Butler’s novel, Fledgling that tells of a vampire-like species, the Ina, that live in tandem with human. We are creating a linear performance telling an abstract story of the symbiotic nature of this complex relationship where the vampires create human symbionts, and must bite and feed on their blood for survival. The humans in-turn grow stronger, live longer, and become immune to usually debilitating illnesses. Movement informs sound as Soy Sos, Sadie Powers, and Bonnie Jones, generate live experimental music. Visual imagery from acclaimed photographer Barbara Weissberger serves as both environment and costume as dancers move in space.

Premiere: April 2019


sol. draws from the soul music of the late 50s to mid 70s to create an expres- sive sound and movement experience steeped in the emotional, funky, rhyth- mical qualities of the genre. Incorporating the upbeat, athletic movements and avor of Soul with a contemporary vocabulary, SPdp dancers groove and vibe to a rich assortment of music expertly curated, mixed, and reworked by Soy Sos.

Premiere: 2020





Self Portrait No. 1

Self Portrait No. 2 

I use paint, printed images, and ink to create self portraits exploring the intersections of race, age, and gender and the insecurities they inspire. While creating these pieces, I’m using the process to break through some of the baggage and weariness developed over a lifetime of being the target of sexist, racist, and ageist words and actions from others. The sheer physicality of creating and imagining is intended to heal. I take care of the self that’s on the surface with gentle lines, shapes and movement and imagine my true self receiving the spell. 


Self Portrait No. 3